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  • A few takes from European Society of Contact Dermatitis congress 2022

    A few takes from European Society of Contact Dermatitis congress 2022

    Skin allergy in numbers  So how many men contra women have allergy towards fragrance? How old are they? And what type of products are they exposed to? Credit: Cynthia van Amerongen from the University in Groningen, the Netherlands, talking at ESCD in Amsterdam 2022.   Fact: the prevalence of contact allergy to Fragrance Mix I […]

  • The what, how and when about Sunscreen

    The what, how and when about Sunscreen

    Every spring when the sun starts shining we experience a lot of confusion and disagreements regarding use of sunscreen. So; we decided to update our article about the subject. Give it a go and send us a comment or questions should you have any. What SPF should I choose? If you live in Denmark or […]

  • Chemical of the Month: Candelilla Wax

    by Ewa Daníel What is it? Candelilla wax is a natural wax from the leaves of the plant called Candelilla, Euphorbia cerifera, Euphorbiaceae. The plant grows on sandy soil in places like Mexico and Texas. The wax can be found in many different types of cosmetics because of its many different functions from being able […]

  • Prevent Allergies in the hairdressing industry

    The hairdressing profession loses the most, compared to the other professions, at least when it comes to how long you typically work in your field. It becomes no more than eight years on average and that includes the time being a student. We just repeat – Eight years. Almost half of the hairdressers simply stop […]

  • Cobalt – Chemical of the Month

    Cobalt – Chemical of the Month

    By Mariam Tauhaybeche, Pharmacist What is Cobalt Cobalt is a chemical with the symbol Co, and it is found as a natural component of the earth’s crust. Cobalt is wellknown in pigment colors blue and green and it can also be found widely in the environment in very low concentration. Humans can be exposed to […]

  • BORAX – Chemical of the month

    By toxicologist Ewa Daniél What is it?Borax is the common name for Borate, Sodium borate, Sodium tetraborate and Disodium tetraborates. It’s a natural mineral, mined from the ground or collected from evaporated deposits. Borax is a salt of Boric acid. Borax can be used in several different types of products such as insect repellent, fungicide, […]

  • Ethylhexyl Salicylate – Chemical of the month

    What is it? Ethylhexyl salicylate is a UV-filter which protects against UVB rays. It is regulated by EU and FDA (USA) to be used up to 5 % in cosmetic products such as sunscreen. So, what is the problem? Beside their abilities to protect us from sunburn, UV-filters can sometimes have some side-effects such as […]

  • This is how we affected the market in 2019

    Every year we make an anonymous list of the products we have refused to certify. There is a brief rationale next to each product that can help you understand what we allow and what we don’t. We have rejected certification of 72 products in 2019. This corresponds to approximately 15 percent of the number of […]

  • Ethanol – Chemical of the Month

    What is Ethanol? Ethanol also known as alcohol or ethyl alcohol, is a chemical compound that is known by its disinfectant properties and the psychoactive property when found in alcoholic drinks. Today we will focus on the disinfectant’s property and tell more about how it works and at which concentration. How does ethanol work and […]

  • Disinfectant or Not?

    By Helle Forum, author A little while ago, Ewa Daniel from AllergyCertified, recommended the use of disinfectant as an alternative to hand washing, especially in winter, where the skin tends to become very dry. It got me in the ink house – I care, as anyone will know, a lot for all our microbiomes, including […]