Perfume in products for children. Really?

A new survey published during the European Society of Contact Dermatitis allergy congress in Barcelona in June last year reveals what kind of cosmetic products children at the age groups 0-4 years, 4-8 years, 8-12 years and 12+ are exposed to. We can tell you that there are a few big and uncomforting surprises among […]

The European lifestyle allergy

Do you have an allergy? If we take a look at the latest statistics, I guess that either you or someone in your family is most likely to have an allergy. If you think about it, I am sure that you know someone with an allergy to food, house dust mites, pets or someone who […]

Diary from an anti allergista – chapter 2

If you do not have it yourself or know anyone who has skin allergy, you might think ‘ah, it can’t be that bad – why bother’. I know I did to begin with when I was first introduced to the world of skin, allergy and products. But after I have met enough patients and seen […]

Diary from an anti allergista

There are things in the world of health we can do nothing about. Different diseases have random hit rates. It can happen that one of your most fit friends suddenly collapses and has to live with not being able to move. Maybe your mother’s best friend, who never smoked a cigarette in her life, gets […]

Free me for free of

Back in the late 1990’s I worked for two MPs at the Danish Parliament. One of the bigger political discussions we had was whether functional foods was a good idea. I was on the nay team. To put it short a functional food is a food where something has been added that is not normally […]

Does your child also use perfume?

A new study published at the allergy congress for European Society of Contact Dermatitis held in Barcelona on June 25 to 28, reveals what kind of cosmetics children in the age groups 0-4 years, 4-8 years, 8-12 years and 12+ actually are exposed to. We can already reveal that there are a few big and […]

Get a visit from AllergyCertified

The probability that your child is using perfumed care products is great. Conversely, the probability that the same child listens when you try to get him or her to use unscented products is small. Almost non-existing. That is how it is between children and parents. NOW AllergyCertified gives you the chance to sign your child’s […]

Do you also avoid parabens?

When you want to buy a face cream or a body lotion at the pharmacy, supermarket or maybe on the internet, do you also choose products without parabens? Or does the sales clerk often tell you that the lotion is safe, because the product is free of parabens? If so, please read on… Parabens are […]