AllergyAward 2016

We are happy to announce that we have set the program for next years AllergyAward. In the attached brochure you can see the program for the day, the talented speakers , all the judges and also our sponsors who have made it possible for us to hold AllergyAward 2016

Ask for AllergyCertified Makeup

Make-up is daily used by most women as an important part of their identity. The decorative cosmetics like other cosmetics can and often will contain allergens. Many of the products claim to be ‘hypoallergenic’ or ‘dermatological tested’. Don’t be fooled by those claims – the products most probably contain allergenic ingredients and thereby make it […]

Skin Allergy = Poor Quality of Life

A new study show that skin allergy is not only affecting the children’s skin, but also their quality of life. If you ask me, no child should have to fight neither the direct effects nor the side effects of skin allergy. The main reason for getting skin allergy is that you have been exposed to […]

Cry Yourself a River with Red Nails

Do you have red, irritated, swollen or crying eyes? And the pills you take for pollen allergy do not help? And do you use nail polish every now and then? Say hello to allergy caused by your nail polish. More often than not nail polish contains quite harsh chemicals. But that these chemicals can give […]

Why Don’t You Go See a Doctor, Man?

The good news is: Skin allergy is not a dangerous disease. Most of us would just think of it as red, insignificant eczema. The bad news is: studies show that skin allergy has a huge impact on quality of life, and men are the most affected. Skin disorder is the most common work related disorder […]

7 Tips Before You Buy Sunscreen

Summer is coming and it’s time to buy sunscreen. Before doing so read our 7 tips. 1) What factor should I use? In Denmark the ministry of Health and the cancer organization recommends that you use SPF15. This might sound as a low factor but used in the correct amount it will be sufficient during the […]

AllergyCertified in the television

To night you will be able to see AllergyCertifieds toxicologist Ewa Daniél in the Danish television program “Tillykke du er i live.”  In the program she will give you advises about paint, allergy and tell us about the very allergenic preservative Methylisothiazolinone which can can found in paint, wet wetwipes and cosmetics. You can see […]