Ask for AllergyCertified Makeup

Make-up is daily used by most women as an important part of their identity. The decorative cosmetics like other cosmetics can and often will contain allergens. Many of the products claim to be ‘hypoallergenic’ or ‘dermatological tested’. Don’t be fooled by those claims – the products most probably contain allergenic ingredients and thereby make it very difficult for you to find make-up with a low allergy risk.

An allergic reaction to make-up often happens around the eyes with redness, itching and eczema. It can also be skin reactions in the whole face. Women who are allergic to either perfume or specific preservatives search blindly for the make-up brand they can use. It is a trial and error situation with many days of looking miserable. They try different brands to see if they can tolerate it and in the end give up because they are sick of getting the skin reactions. A few of them decide to use make-up for special occasions and then accept they look like shit a few days after wearing the make-up.

Allergy to make-up will most probably lower the quality of life for women, as it is an important part of our appearance. Therefore we at AllergyCertified have made the criteria for certifying make-up. We have done our homework, read all the books, talked to all the experts and we are ready. You can do one thing to help us and thereby help all the women who want to use make-up with the lowest possible allergy risk:

ASK your make-up brand to get AllergyCertified.They can contact our toxicologist here

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The sooner we get make-up certified the sooner we will all look better.