The Role and Safety of Glucosides in certified products

In our latest Advisory Board meeting, we focused on glucosides, especially Coco Glucosides. Their increasing usage is notable, attributed to their natural sourcing, which enhances their organic and eco-friendly profiles. They are preferred in rinse-off products due to their lower irritant potential compared to chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). Safety Assessment The Cosmetic Ingredient […]

The what, how and when about Sunscreen

Every spring when the sun starts shining we experience a lot of confusion and disagreements regarding use of sunscreen. So; we decided to update our article about the subject. Give it a go and send us a comment or questions should you have any. What SPF should I choose? If you live in Denmark or […]

Prevent Allergies in the hairdressing industry

The hairdressing profession loses the most, compared to the other professions, at least when it comes to how long you typically work in your field. It becomes no more than eight years on average and that includes the time being a student. We just repeat – Eight years. Almost half of the hairdressers simply stop […]

This is how we affected the market in 2019

Every year we make an anonymous list of the products we have refused to certify. There is a brief rationale next to each product that can help you understand what we allow and what we don’t. We have rejected certification of 72 products in 2019. This corresponds to approximately 15 percent of the number of […]

Disinfectant or Not?

By Helle Forum, author A little while ago, Ewa Daniel from AllergyCertified, recommended the use of disinfectant as an alternative to hand washing, especially in winter, where the skin tends to become very dry. It got me in the ink house – I care, as anyone will know, a lot for all our microbiomes, including […]

Mineral Oils – Good or Bad?

by toxicologist Ewa Daniél  Sometimes consumers believe everything “natural” is wonderful and good. At other times consumers consider “natural” very, very dangerous. Here is our attempt to clarify the subject of mineral oils. Mineral oils are naturally occurring oils derived from purified crude oil that has been extracted from the earths underground. The white mineral oils are […]

Five Tips to Prevent Skin Allergy

Here are tips to prevent skin allergy – we have listed them from the ideal to the difficult: Tip 1:   Look for AllergyCertified   The simplest and most effective way to avoid sensitization and developing a skin allergy is to buy products with an allergy certification. Why? The INCI lists on the back of products […]

My Thoughts Regarding Skin Allergy Revisited

  CEO Lene Stiil When we founded AllergyCertified five years back I wrote the piece below. I have made a few alterations, but most of it is exactly like it was back then. There are things in the world of health we can do nothing about. Different diseases have random hit rates. It can happen […]