Prevent Allergies in the hairdressing industry

The hairdressing profession loses the most, compared to the other professions, at least when it comes to how long you typically work in your field. It becomes no more than eight years on average and that includes the time being a student. We just repeat – Eight years.

Almost half of the hairdressers simply stop doing their profession. They put down scissors and combs, and if they are lucky, they start another educating. About half of them stops due to the eczema and allergies caused by chemicals. It is not only alarming but also stupid and completely unnecessary.

We have visited the newly opened ZENZ salon in Roskilde, where Cecilie Bendix Schaarup-Jensen is the manager. Cecilie talked to AllergyCertifieds toxicologist Ewa Daniél about allergies and hairdressers.

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