Future Pharmacy

From April 17 to 23, AllergyCertified opens the doors of its Future Pharmacy in Rozengracht 69 Amsterdam.

A drugstore where you can shop everyday products, but without any harmful substances for your health. From beauty and skin care to laundry detergent and diapers.

Attend one of the inspiring talks or come and shop with peace of mind. All AllergyCertified products minimize the risk of developing a skin allergy. In our Future Pharmacy you will find a wonderful selection of skin-friendly brands, including: AllMatters, Squalan, Sara Rosalie, IVY AÏA, Ecooking, Bruns, Zenz, Derma, Urtekram, Sandstone Scandinavia and Abysk. Don’t forget to bring your favorite (skincare) products and have the ingredient list checked for substances that might cause allergies. Learn, feel and trust.


Will we see you there?


1. How to read the ingredient list of your favorite care product.
Toxicologist Ewa shows you exactly what to look for if you want to know if your personal care products contain toxic substances.45 minutesBy EwaMonday / Launch opening from 16:00 – 18:00
2. How many products do you use in a day.Together with Co-founder Lene, you will walk through all the products that many of us use every day.1 hourBy LeneTuesday 11:00 – 12:00
3. Do’s and dont’s for your baby’s skin.Toxicologist Ewa tells you all about diapers, baby creams, ointments, and how to prevent your baby from developing skin allergy.1,30 hourEwa + special guestWednesday 11:00 – 12:30
4. Tips & tricks for living a skin-friendly life.Learn what you can do to prevent a skin allergy.45 minutesLene + special guestThursday 11:00 – 12:15
Store Activity
5. Get your favorite products tested.Always wanted to know if your favorite products contain toxic substances that can cause skin allergy? Have them tested by toxicologist Ewa.EwaSaturday 11:00- 15:00

Are you or do you know someone who sometimes suffers from an allergic skin reaction? That
chance is quite high. In fact, research shows that nearly 30 percent of adults in Europe have a
skin allergy. Without realizing it, you can develop a contact allergy even later in life. But what is
the reason for this development? And how can you minimize the chances of developing a skin
allergy? Come visit the Future Pharmacy by AllergyCertified to learn all about it.

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ABOUT | Ewa & Lene founders of AllergyCertified

AllergyCertified was founded by two Danish women, Lene and Ewa. Lene, CEO of
AllergyCertified was previously active in politics and the health industry. Ewa is a renowned
toxicologist and worked for the Danish Asthma and Allergy Association for many years. We
spoke to Lene and Ewa about their motivations, the future vision for AllergyCertified and the
emerging Future Pharmacy in Amsterdam.

How did AllergyCertified come to being?
Lene: “Anyone can develop a skin allergy, unlike other allergies that you inherit. Few people are aware of this and therefore unaware that a skin allergy is quite easy to prevent. The products you use every day play an important role in this. More than 40 percent of people find it difficult to read the ingredient list of personal care products, which is why I wanted to make it easier to choose skin-friendly products. So in 2014 I suggested the idea to Ewa to develop an allergy label and minimize the risk of skin allergies.”


How did you two meet?
Ewa: “I was working as a chief toxicologist at the Danish Asthma and Allergy Society, where
Lene was the head of the department. I told her about my frustration that there was no certification for hormone-disrupting chemicals and for makeup products. Lene came up with the idea of creating an international certification so that people around the world could easily recognize skin-friendly products.”
Lene: “At first I felt a little intimidated by Ewa, because she is so incredibly smart. But I like working with smart people, so I soon put myself over it. Since then, we work closely together and she is among one of my best friends.”

“We certify not only skin care products, but personal care products in the broadest sense, and for several years now even toys.

– Ewa

What is your main driving force?
Ewa: “From the very beginning, our mission has been to certify products so that people can
avoid products that contain allergens, classified endocrine disrupting chemicals and carcinogens. At the
time, makeup was not yet certified, so it became our goal to make skin-friendly makeup
products recognizable worldwide. Eight years on, our motivation is still the same. Meanwhile,
the spectrum of products has expanded considerably. We certify not only skin care products, but
personal care products in the broadest sense, and for several years now even toys.”

What are your goals for the future?
Lene: “I hope that more and more brands from different countries will certify their products. This
way, it will be easier for the inhabitants of these countries to choose skin-friendly products and
the chance of developing a skin allergy will be minimized.”
Ewa: “We want to make it possible for people around the world to choose certified products. In
addition, we hope to certify more and more toys, since many toys are produced using harsh
chemicals. Finally, in the future we hope to certify other products that come into contact with the
skin, such as clothing, for example.

“It is so much easier to prevent a skin allergy than to live with a skin allergy.”

– Lene

What do you hope to achieve with the Future Farmacy pop-up?
Ewa: “I hope we can introduce consumers in the Netherlands to AllergyCertified and gain new
knowledge to prevent a skin allergy in the future.”
Lene: “My wish is that as many people as possible come to the Future Pharmacy who want to
know how to live a skin-friendly life. It is so much easier to prevent a skin allergy than to live with
a skin allergy.