General criteria for obtaining AllergyCertified certification

If you want your products to be AllergyCertified you must be aware that there are specific chemicals which are never allowed.

These are ingredients which are allergenic like perfume, and specific preservatives such as Methylisothiazolinone and Formaldehyde and its donors.

Unfortunately it’s not possible for us to make negative list of all the chemicals we don’t allow, or positive list on the ones we do allow. When it comes to allergy it not just black and white /go or not go, since skin allergy is concentration depended the concentration used in the product,  the purity of the chemical and type of products its used in has a big influence whether or not a chemical be allowed. As an example we can only allow Cocamidopropyl betaine in rinse off products and it must be purified so the concentration Aminoamide is less than  and DMAPA is max 0,3% and DMAPA is max 15 ppm/part pr million. For wheat protein the protein size must be < 3500 Da.