Cobalt – Chemical of the Month

By Mariam Tauhaybeche, Pharmacist What is Cobalt Cobalt is a chemical with the symbol Co, and it is found as a natural component of the earth’s crust. Cobalt is wellknown in pigment colors blue and green and it can also be found widely in the environment in very low concentration. Humans can be exposed to […]

BORAX – Chemical of the month

By toxicologist Ewa Daniél What is it?Borax is the common name for Borate, Sodium borate, Sodium tetraborate and Disodium tetraborates. It’s a natural mineral, mined from the ground or collected from evaporated deposits. Borax is a salt of Boric acid. Borax can be used in several different types of products such as insect repellent, fungicide, […]

Ethanol – Chemical of the Month

What is Ethanol? Ethanol also known as alcohol or ethyl alcohol, is a chemical compound that is known by its disinfectant properties and the psychoactive property when found in alcoholic drinks. Today we will focus on the disinfectant’s property and tell more about how it works and at which concentration. How does ethanol work and […]

CBD – Chemical of the month

By Mariam Tauhaybeche, Pharmacist What is CBD Cannabis is a psychoactive drug extracted from the Cannabis plant, primarily from the flower or fruit part and used for medical or recreational purposes. The main active parts from cannabis plants are Cannabidol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the psychoactive constituent of cannabis where CBD is non […]

Chemical of the Month: Perfume

by toxicologist Ewa Daniél    Perfume – What is it?  Perfume is one of the oldest man-made chemicals. It can be made both synthetic from chemical substances or natural from essential oils such as extracts from flowers and plants and contain from 10 to 300 different fragrances. It can be used in different concentrations depending […]