Get a visit from AllergyCertified

The probability that your child is using perfumed care products is great. Conversely, the probability that the same child listens when you try to get him or her to use unscented products is small. Almost non-existing. That is how it is between children and parents. NOW AllergyCertified gives you the chance to sign your child’s class to get a visit from AllergyCertifieds toxicologist. The visit can be arranged to last one or two hours. The class bring their own care and beauty products to school. AllergyCertified tells about the ingredients, what is good, what is bad, why should you avoid direct contact between the skin and perfume and not the least; how can you still smell like Rihanna, Beckham or any of the other idols. Write your child’s school name and grade level on AllergyCertifieds Facebookwall. Share this advertisement or get others to write their children’s classes as well. When we are up to 30 classes, we draw.