Chemical of the month: Lanolin

By Toxicologist Ewa Daniél What is it? Lanolin is made from the wool from sheep. The wool contains a wax called sebum, which is a derivate from the sheep’s sebaceous glands. It protects the sheep by keeping the skin and wool moisturized and protects it from wind and weather.The protective aspects are also relevant for […]

Chemical of the Month: Formaldehyde

By Toxicologist Ewa Daniel   What is it Formaldehyde is a chemical that can be found both in nature and most living systems including humans as well as found synthetic made as an aqueous solution. It can be used in many different types of products from paint, impregnation agents, glue, coating, fillers, plasters, modeling clay, […]

Salicylic acid – news regarding hormone disrupters

By Kristina Vile In relation to a research project for Danish Center for Hormonforstyrrende Stoffer – several scientists from DTU Fødevareinstituttet have gone through existing lists from different authorities and NGO’s with more than 7000 ingredients with hormone-disrupting effects. After an assessment, which included the amount of collected data of each ingredient, 172 were chosen […]

Long Hair – Should Care!

Allergens can also have negative effects on your worklife. Or even be caused by the products you use at and for work. Hairdressers are specially in risk of developing skin allergy and nothing is done about it. The four haircare brands; Zenz, Bruns, By Falengreen and Puresenz have done theirs to make skin-friendly products, so you can minimise tour risk of […]

Skin Habits We Pass On to Our Children

The small ones hate to put on sunscreen and lotion and the big ones choose the most expensive and fragranced products. How do we pass on good skincare habits on to our children? We asked founder of Rudolph Care, Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, and made a video of the answers.

Choose for Your Child

kin allergy was called an old-woman’s disease. That is not the case anymore, unfortunately. Recent research show that children increasingly are developing skin allergy. Even at the age of three. Limit the amount of products for your child. They do not need much: water, mild soap and a fat creme.And choose products with a third […]

We Love the Sun

But there is often lots of perfume brother allergens in sun products. Luckily brands like Decubal, Ida Warg, Mascha Vang and Derma has made skin-friendly products. That way we have the possibility to be kind to our tanned skin all year around. Read our article and get acquainted with the four brands.

Babies Do Not Nedd the “Mini Spa” Treatment

hildren take up a lot of space and worry in the family. Most often parents want to do the best possible job. But some go overboard. This next article is an interview with Dutch dermatologist, Drs. Leenarts. She created her own skincare brand with products that meet the whole family’s needs. We have asked her to […]