Salicylic acid – news regarding hormone disrupters

By Kristina Vile

In relation to a research project for Danish Center for Hormonforstyrrende Stoffer – several scientists from DTU Fødevareinstituttet have gone through existing lists from different authorities and NGO’s with more than 7000 ingredients with hormone-disrupting effects.

After an assessment, which included the amount of collected data of each ingredient, 172 were chosen and put on a priority-list.

13 ingredients have been assessed with the new EU criteria for hormone disrupting ingredients for pesticides and biocides.

They found solid scientific evidence of that 9 of the 13 ingredients are hormone disrupting. And the remaining 4 are suspected to have hormone-disrupting effects.

Salicylic acid is amongst the 9 hormone disrupting ingredients. This means we will not be able to certify products with salicylic acid in the future.

We have of course contacted and informed all developers with certified products containing salicyl acid.

The 9 hormone-disrupting ingredients:

  • Prochloraz (67747-09-5)
  • Triclocarban (101-20-2)
  • Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane (D4) (556-67-2)
  • Tris(methylphenyl) phosphate (1330-78-5)
  • Salicylic acid (69-72-7)
  • Fenitrothion (122-14-5)
  • Di-n-pentylphthalate (131-18-0)
  • Bisphenol AF (1478-61-1)
  • Isobutyl paraben (4247-02-3)  

The 4 suspected hormone-disrupting ingredients:

  • Deltamethrin (52918-63-5)
  • 2-(4-tertbutylbenzyl)propionaldehyde (80-54-6)
  • Bifenthrin (82657-04-3)
  • Hexachlorophene (70-30-4)

If you wish to read more of the research, you can read it here.